Opal Collection

Opal Collection

Offers pollution & sun protection

Calms and soothes skin

  • Experience the power of the Opal Sheer Melting Mask from Lionesse. This unique and invigorating facial treatment transforms before your eyes to help deliver infusions of plumping and wrinkle-refining botanical extracts, leaving you feeling luminous, supple, and velvety soft. not anime tested/paraben free
  • Instantly feel plump and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with Lionesse Opal Sheer Collagen Serum. Luxuriously lightweight, this delicate elixir performs efficiently to deliver a feeling of revitalization and smoothness. not anime tested/paraben free
  • Lionesse Opal Sheer Shield is infused with Diamond Powder and features an SPF of 30 to help you feel radiant while creating a barrier against the sun's harmful rays. This unique moisturizer is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin E and Green Tea Extract, ensuring your skin receives maximum anti-aging benefits while creating a feeling of smoothness and hydration. not anime tested/paraben free
  • Just like the famous gemstone, you too can diffract light with the luxurious Opal Collection. Each product is expertly formulated to help you achieve a more luminous collection. Incorporate this set into your skincare regime and watch your skin begin to shine. not anime tested/paraben free
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Opal gemstone

Promotes sense of calm security

Encourages humanitarian love