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Adopt These Habits From Women With Great Skin

Do you ever look at women with great skin in awe, wondering how they seem to effortlessly have flawless skin?  We’ve all been there, idolizing those women who just seem to ‘have’ great skin.  But it got us thinking – what ARE they doing?  What are their secrets?  It comes down to having certain habits with their skincare practices.  Luckily for you, we’re sharing those habits so you can be on your way to adopting these habits from women with great skin.

Use Skin Care for Your Skin Type

You’ve probably heard us mention this before if you’ve read some articles in the past, but we’re always referencing to use skin care products that have been specifically formulated for your skin type.  It turns out that’s a habit women with great skin swear by, and practice religiously.  The reason?  Well, when you use skin care that’s specially formulated for your skin type it’s able to function the way it’s meant to – simple enough, right?

Be Cautious of What Goes in Your Body

Another major habit that women with great skin seem to live their lives by is being cautious of what they actually put inside their bodies.  This means drinking water, and watching what other liquids they put in.  Essentially, not drinking too much alcohol or sugary drinks – they can do major time on your skin.  In addition, they’re really big on having a healthy diet and sticking to it.  There’s been a ton of information that’s come out on the relationship between what we put in our bodies and how our skin looks, and it seems women with great skin have had it right all along.  Many of these women tend to take their supplements, eat as natural as possible, and of course stay away from a lot of the ‘junk.’


Ok, you’ve heard it before but you’re hearing it again – and you’ll probably hear it a bunch more times.  But many of the women with really amazing skin all tend to mention that they really focus on moisturizing their skin EVERY single day.  Moisturizing is a major part in your skincare, and keeping your skin looking gorgeous.  It’s not enough to just quickly moisturize your skin, but instead making it a habit of actually moisturizing your skin thoroughly two times a day (morning and night).

Don’t Skip the SPF

As the fall and winter months approach, we get that you’re probably going to start thinking less of wearing SPF, but you shouldn’t!  Women with great skin make it a point to apply SPF to their skin ALL year long.  Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean the sun isn’t shining or can’t do any sun damage.  So if you want great skin, don’t skip this step!

We don’t know about you, but we definitely learned a lot from the habits of women with great skin and we’re definitely going to be adding them into our daily routine.  How about you?

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