//Detoxing to Soothe Acne

Detoxing to Soothe Acne

Acne…is it ever not frustrating?  It’s easy to get hung up on how frustrating it is when you have acne, and kind of lose sight of how to really deal with it.  There are so many different treatments and ideas that claim to work wonders on acne, but everyone is different.  And so many of us tend to forget that everything in our bodies are so connected, and we’re ALL still learning just how much our internal health impacts our skin.  There have been some new revelations and concepts when it comes to acne, and we’re sharing some of the detoxing to soothe acne discoveries to see if it’s something you may be interested in trying out yourself!

Get Rid of the Bad Stuff

Here’s the deal, we live in a world where we’re exposed to a TON of toxins.  Many health and skincare experts have found that an overabundance of these toxins can affect our skin in a negative way, so by doing a detox of the toxins it can flush out the ‘bad’ stuff and allow your body to heal more.  It’s been found that when our bodies hold onto toxins for too long it’s put under a great deal of stress, which can come through as the result of acne and other skin related issues.  Many suggest that increasing your water intake is a great way to consistently detox your system as it helps to naturally flush out toxins from the body.  Now if you’re actually going through a short-term detox that’s stricter, cutting out toxins you’re putting into your body is essential.  This means cutting out smoking, avoid drinking alcohol, and staying away from anything that could hold toxins.  Essentially you’re going to want to get on the eating clean plan, which means lots of fruits and veggies and pure forms of protein.  Staying away from things like sugar and dairy have been found to positively impact acne, especially during a detox.

Enlisting in a Formal Cleanse

It’s up to you as far as how serious you want to get with your detox, there are a ton of different supplement based detoxes that specialize in helping with acne.  Most of them are really for cleansing and have been said to really help clean out the system of anything unnecessary and give your skin and health a nice reboot.  Adding in supplements, in general, can be a great way to help your skin especially with acne.  When doing a detox it can be helpful to add necessary supplements to ensure that you’re getting the required nutrition during the time.

Many experts also suggest sticking to proven skincare products and makeup during any sort of detox.  Especially since you’re dealing with acne, it really helps to clean up as much as possible to get your acne in check.   If you’re suffering from acne and can’t seem to get it straightened out, it may be worth considering.

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