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Gently Remove Grime and Makeup From Your Face

Ok so by now you probably know it’s crucial that you take your makeup off at night.  Going to sleep with makeup on is one of the all-time skincare no-no’s.  Really though, if you have fallen asleep with your makeup on at night you probably know why every skin care expert says not to do it – you just feel gross leaving it on.  Anyways, as happy as we are that you’re actually removing your makeup, it is important to dig a little deeper and share some info on gently removing your makeup.  Because there’s definitely a right and wrong way of doing it!

Tie Your Hair Back

The truth is your makeup can slide around your face throughout the day and end up in and around your hairline (even if you don’t necessarily apply it there).  So tying your hair back so it’s away from your face is going to allow you to truly remove your makeup from ALL over your face (and neck).  It literally takes a couple seconds, but don’t skip this step!

Find a Product that Works

Ok so removing your makeup is super important, but you also need to make sure you’re being gentle on your skin.  So using any product(s) to remove your makeup that makes you have to scrub (or feel like you have to) are no good.  There are a ton of different cleansers, but it’s also worth noting you can use natural oils and even baby shampoo to remove your makeup.  In general, make sure whatever product you’re using allows you to remove the makeup easily and not feel like you have to scrub.

Get into Different Habits

We get it, often times by the end of the day you’re tired and just want to get to bed.  So it’s likely that your makeup removing process is as quick as you possibly can make it.  But going back to being gentle, you need to take your time and really get into different habits.  It’s not something that should be rushed because that’s often when you’re scrubbing, overdoing it with a removing product, and not really getting all the grime and makeup off your face.  Instead, take your time to avoid being too harsh in the process and make sure you’re getting everything off.  Our skin ends up with a lot of grime throughout the day so not only are you removing makeup but also grime your skin has obtained during your day.  Regardless of what type of product you’re using to remove your makeup, you should only need a small amount to remove all the makeup and grime, especially when you take your time and are gentle.

Really removing grime and makeup gently comes down to actually taking a step back and taking your time.

What have you found helps you to gently remove grime and makeup at night?

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