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Helping Your Skin Age Gracefully

Aging… none of us truly want to age, but the fact of the matter is it’s inevitable.  We’re all going to age, but if we have to, it would be nice to do so gracefully.  Since we’re always about finding ways to protect our skin and keep it as young looking as possible, we’re sharing a few tips that can help you prolong the aging process.

You Are What You Eat

You’ve probably heard that before, but more so in regards to your weight or body.  Many skin experts have found that what and how we eat has a major impact on our skin, especially as we age.  It’s suggested to make sure you get in all your fruits, veggies, protein and healthy grains – essentially a truly well-balanced diet.  What many have found is that by incorporating as many fresh ingredients, and healthy foods as possible, the human body is able to function at a much more optimal level and is able to help the skin protect itself and even look younger.  This means avoiding overdoing it on sugar and greasy foods.

Get On a Workout Routine

You may be wondering what working out has to do with aging, as it turns out… quite a bit.  Exercise has been found to be great for your overall health from the inside out, and experts have discovered that your overall health can have a massive impact on your skin’s appearance.  Plus, exercise gets your blood flowing and your body functioning at a higher level which can be great for collagen production in the body as well.

SPF, Always

You hear it all the time, you need to protect your skin from the sun.  Sun damage is said to be the biggest culprit to the skin aging.  That means to age gracefully and protect yourself you literally need to protect yourself from the sun.  So… don’t leave the house without applying sunscreen products and cover your skin as much as possible when you’re outside.  Protecting your skin from the sun as early in life as possible will be a huge factor in you aging gracefully as time goes on.

Sleep It Off

Sleep, and getting enough sleep, is a highly underrated aspect of anti-aging skin care.  Researchers and experts are discovering more and more how important sleep is to the body and the skin.  What they’ve discovered is while we’re sleeping our body works to restore itself and even helps to produce collagen and elastin in the body – HELLO anti-aging benefits!  So essentially, when we don’t get enough sleep our body doesn’t have a chance to develop the collagen and elastin it wants to which can accelerate the aging process.

So are you ready to age more gracefully by incorporating some (or all) of these tips?

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