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Weekend Forecast: Bare & Clear Skin

When the weekend comes, most of us are ready to kick back and take it easy.  After working all week long, the weekends are great times to just do you.  So piling on the makeup during the day is probably not how you want to spend your time.  However, it may be hard to resist wearing a lot of makeup if you don’t feel like your skin is healthy or clear enough to be bare.  Truly, having healthy skin should be a major priority all the time and adjusting your skin’s health needs according to the season is going to be key.  We’re going to share some of our favorite tips for rocking the barely-there makeup and amping up your clear skin.

Get Your Skin in Check

Having truly clear, healthy skin isn’t something that happens overnight, so to truly achieve it you need to put in the work and take care of it.  Get on a consistent skin care routine that’s made up of using products that are fit to suit your skin’s type and needs.  In addition, make sure you exfoliate on a regular basis. That extra boost of exfoliation that can do wonders for achieving healthy, clear skin.  Finally, drinking enough water and eating a healthy diet has a major impact on your skin’s health and clarity.


Moisturizing your skin should be a part of your daily skin care routine regardless, but especially when you’re going for the barely there or no makeup at all look.  Moisturizing products are great for adding moisture to your skin that helps give it that healthy glow you need.  If you want to add just a little color to your skin or even out the color a bit, go for a tinted moisturizer.  You don’t need anything heavy but it can give you a little color and you apply it just like you do any other moisturizer so it’s super easy and fuss-free.


Now, if you have clear, healthy skin you likely don’t need this step, but if you have a few spots that bother you, adding a lightweight concealer can give you just enough coverage.  If you don’t necessarily need the coverage to conceal any blemishes, redness or dark circles, you can (if you want) add a touch under your eyes just to brighten the under eye area a bit.

Warm It Up

When we’re going with minimal makeup, we still want to warm our skin up a bit.  Adding a little cream blush to the apples of the cheeks and blending out is a really easy way to add a little color to your face naturally.  If you’re not a blush girl, you can always add a little bronzer to your cheekbones.  Both options will not only give you warmth but also give you a slightly contoured look that’s incredibly flattering.

Going bare is really all about what you’re starting with and just adding a few minimal products to warm your skin up a tad. Do you have a go-to barely there makeup tip you live by?

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